A Canadian Soldier goes home today

A Canadian Soldier goes home today
His duty all but done
His friends gather round to see him off
And salute him one by one.
To keep the peace he's done his best
And kept the foe at bay
And gave the children in a foreign land
A chance to run and play.
They may never know this soldier's name
Nor the sacrifice he made
To leave his own fond loved ones
At home they wish he'd stayed.
But the work of keeping a fragile peace
Is a long and arduous one
Most times accomplished with an open hand
But sometimes with a gun.
He is not the first to go this way
But we pray he is the last
With a few shed tears we say goodbye
And then from sight he's passed.
Yes, a Canadian soldier goes home today
Draped in our National Flag
His duty for his country is done
Rest well my fallen comrade.