Canadians who gave their lives in the cause of peace while serving with United Nations Peacekeeping Missions

(As of Nov 12, 2010)

"They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them"

  1. Cpl B Pinksen, 2B, RNR, ISAF Afghanistan, 22-Aug-10
  2. Spr B Collier, 1 CER, ISAF Afghanistan, 20-Jul-10
  3. MCpl K Giesebrecht, 1B RCRBG, ISAF Afghanistan, 26-Jun-10
  4. Pte Andrew Miller, 1B RCRBG, ISAF Afghanistan, 26-Jun-10
  5. Sgt J MacNeil, 1B RCRBG, ISAF Afghanistan, 21-Jun-10
  6. Sgt M Goudreault, 1 CER, ISAF Afghanistan, 06-Jun-10
  7. Tpr L Rudd, RCD, ISAF Afghanistan, 24-May-10
  8. Cnl G Parker, RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 18-May-10
  9. Pte K McKay, 1B PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 13-May-10
  10. PO C Blake, FDU (A0, ISAF Afghanistan, 03-May-10
  11. Pte T Todd, 1B PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 11-Apr-10
  12. Cpl D Fitzpatrick, 3B PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 06-Mar-10
  13. Cpl J Baker, LER, 4B PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 12-Feb-10
  14. Sgt J Faught, 1B PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 16-Jan-10
  15. Pte G Chidley, 2B PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 30-Dec-09
  16. Cpl Z McCormack, LER, 4B PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 30-Dec-09
  17. Sgt G Miok, 41 CER, ISAF Afghanistan, 30-Dec-09
  18. Sgt K Taylor, 84 IFB, RCA, ISAF Afghanistan, 30-Dec-09
  19. Lt A Nuttall, 1B PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 23-Dec-09
  20. Spr S Marshall, 1 CER, ISAF Afghanistan, 30-Oct-09
  21. Lt J Boyes, 3B PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 28-Oct-09
  22. Pte J Couturier, 2B R22R, ISAF Afghanistan, 17-Sep-09
  23. Pte P Lormand, 2B R22R, ISAF Afghanistan, 13-Sep-09
  24. Cpl JF Drouin, 5 CER, ISAF Afghanistan, 06-Sep-09
  25. Mjr Y Pépin, 5 CER, ISAF Afghanistan, 06-Sep-09
  26. Spr M. Allard, 5CER, ISAF Afghanistan, 1-Aug-09
  27. Cpl C. Bobbitt, 5ecr, ISAF Afghanistan, 1-Aug-09
  28. Pvt S. Courcy, 2 R22R, ISAF Afghanistan, 16-Jul-09
  29. Cpl P. Audet, 430 THS, ISAF Afghanistan, 6-Jul-09
  30. Cpl M. Joannette, 3 R22R, ISAF Afghanistan, 6-Jul-09
  31. Cpl N. Bulger, 3 PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 3-Jul-09
  32. MCpl C. Michaud, 2 PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 23-Jun-09
  33. Cpl M. Dubé, 5 CER, ISAF Afghanistan, 14-Jun-2009
  34. Pvt A. Péloquin, 3 R22R, ISAF Afghanistan, 8-Jun-09
  35. Mjr M. Mendes, Major Chief of Defence Intelligence, 23-Apr-09
  36. Tpr K. Blais, 12 RBC, ISAF Afghanistan, 13-Apr-09
  37. Tpr J. Bouthillier, RCD, ISAF Afghanistan, 20-Mar-09
  38. Cpl T. Crooks, 3 RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 20-Mar-09
  39. Tpr C. Hayes, RCD, ISAF Afghanistan, 20-Mar-09
  40. MCpl S. Vernelli, 3 RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 20-Mar-09
  41. Tpr M. Diab, RCD, ISAF Afghanistan, 8-Mar-09
  42. WO D. Brown, LWR, ISAF Afghanistan, 3-Mar-09
  43. Cpl D. Fortin, 425 TFS, ISAF Afghanistan, 3-Mar-09
  44. Cpl K. O'Quinn, 2 CMBGHSS, ISAF Afghanistan, 3-Mar-09
  45. Spr S. Greenfield, 2 CER, ISAF Afghanistan, 31-Jan-09
  46. Tpr B. Good, rcd, ISAF Afghanistan, 7-Jan-09
  47. Sgt G. Kruse, 2 CER, ISAF Afghanistan, 27-Dec-08
  48. WO G. Roberge, 2 R22eR, ISAF Afghanistan, 27-Dec-08
  49. Pte M. Freeman, 3 RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 26-Dec-08
  50. Pte J. Curwin, 2 RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 13-Dec-08
  51. Pte J. Jones, 2 RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 13-Dec-08
  52. Cpl T. Hamilton, 2 RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 13-Dec-08
  53. Pte D. Diplaros, 1RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 5-Dec-08
  54. Cpl M. McLaren, 1RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 5-Dec-08
  55. WO R. Wilson, 1RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 5-Dec-08
  56. Sgt P. Shipway, 2PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 7-Sep-08
  57. Cpl A. Grenon, 2PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 3-Sep-08
  58. Pte C. Horn, 2PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 3-Sep-08
  59. Cpl M. Seggie, 2PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 3-Sep-08
  60. Sgt S. Eades, 1CER, ISAF Afghanistan, 20-Aug-08
  61. Spr S. Stock, 1CER, ISAF Afghanistan, 20-Aug-08
  62. Cpl D. Wasden, 1CER, ISAF Afghanistan, 20-Aug-08
  63. MCpl E. Doyle, 3PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 11-Aug-08
  64. MCpl J. Roberts, 2PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 9-Aug-08
  65. Cpl J. Arnal, 2PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 18-Jul-08
  66. Pte C. Wilmot, 1FA, ISAF Afghanistan, 6-Jul-08
  67. Cpl B. Downey, MPD, ISAF Afghanistan, 4-Jul-08
  68. Cptn J. Snyder, 1PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 7-Jun-08
  69. Cptn R. Leary, 2PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 3-Jun-08
  70. Cpl M. Starker, 15FA, ISAF Afghanistan, 6-May-08
  71. Pte T. Street, 2PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 4-Apr-08
  72. Sgt J. Boyes, 2PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 16-Mar-08
  73. Bbr J. Ouellet, 1RCHA, ISAF Afghanistan, 11-Mar-08
  74. Tpr M. Hayakaze, LSH RC, ISAF Afghanistan, 2-Mar-08
  75. Cpl E. Gonthier, 5RGC, ISAF Afghanistan, 23-Jan-08
  76. Tpr R. Renaud, 12RBC, ISAF Afghanistan, 15-Jan-08
  77. Cpl E. Labbé, 2R22R, ISAF Afghanistan, 6-Jan-08
  78. WO H. Massouh, 2R22R, ISAF Afghanistan, 6-Jan-08
  79. Gnr J. Dion, 5RALC, ISAF Afghanistan, 30-Dec-07
  80. Cpl N. Beauchamp, 5FA, 5ASG, ISAF Afghanistan, 17-Nov-07
  81. Pte M. Lévesque, 3R22R, ISAF Afghanistan, 17-Nov-07
  82. Cpl N. Hornburg, KOCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 24-Sep-07
  83. Mjr R. Ruckpaul, AC RCD, ISAF Afghanistan, 29-Aug-07
  84. MCpl C. Duchesne, 5FA, ISAF Afghanistan, 22-Aug-07
  85. MWO M. Mercier, R22R, ISAF Afghanistan, 22-Aug-07
  86. Pte S. Longtin, R22R, ISAF Afghanistan, 19-Aug-07
  87. Capt M.J. Dawe, 3PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 04-July-07
  88. Capt J. Francis, 1RCHA, ISAF Afghanistan, 04-July-07
  89. MCpl C. Bason, RWR, ISAF Afghanistan, 04-July-07
  90. Cpl J. Anderson, 3PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 04-July-07
  91. Cpl C. Bartsch, 3PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 04-July-07
  92. Pte L. Watkins, 3PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 04-July-07
  93. Sgt C. Karigiannis, 3PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 20-June-07
  94. Cpl S.F. Bouzane, 3PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 20-June-07
  95. Pte J.V. Wiebe, 3PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 20-June-07
  96. Tpr D. Caswell, RCD, ISAF Afghanistan, 12-June-07
  97. MCpl D.J. Priede, CFB Gagetown, ISAF Afghanistan, 31-May-07
  98. Cpl M. McCully, OMLT, ISAF Afghanistan, 25-May-07
  99. MCpl A. Klumpenhower, JTF2, ISAF Afghanistan, 18-Apr-07
  100. MCpl A. Stewart, RCD, ISAF Afghanistan, 11-Apr-07
  101. Tpr P.J. Pentland, RCD, ISAF Afghanistan, 11-Apr-07
  102. Sgt D. Lucas, 2 RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 8-Apr-07
  103. Cpl A.E. Williams, 2 RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 8-Apr-07
  104. Pte K.V. Kennedy, 2 RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 8-Apr-07
  105. Pte D.R. Greenslade, 2 RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 8-Apr-07
  106. Cpl C.P. Stannix, PLF, ISAF Afghanistan, 8-Apr-07
  107. Cpl B. Poland, RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 8-Apr-07
  108. Cpl K. Megeney, NSH, ISAF Afghanistan, 6-Mar-07
  109. RSM, R. Girouard, RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 27-Nov-06
  110. CWO, A. Storm, RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 27-Nov-06
  111. Sgt D.S. Tedford, 1RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 14-Oct-06
  112. Pte B.N. Williamson, 1RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 14-Oct-06
  113. Tpr M.A. Wilson, RCD , ISAF Afghanistan, 7-Oct-06
  114. Sgt C.P. Gillam, CD, RCD, ISAF Afghanistan, 3-Oct-06
  115. Cpl R.T.J. Mitchell, RCD , ISAF Afghanistan, 3-Oct-06
  116. Pte J. Klukie, 1RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 29-Sep-06
  117. Cpl G. Arnold, 2 Fd Amb, ISAF Afghanistan, 18-Sep-06
  118. Cpl S. Keating, 2PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 18-Sep-06
  119. Cpl K. Morley, 2PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 18-Sep-06
  120. Pte D. Byers, 2PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 18-Sep-06
  121. Pte M.A. Graham, 1RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 4-Sep-06
  122. WO R.F. Nolan, CD, 1RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 3-Sep-06
  123. WO F.R. Mellish, CD, 2RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 3-Sep-06
  124. Sgt S. Stachnik, 2 CER, ISAF Afghanistan, 3-Sep-06
  125. Pte W.J.J. Cushley, 1RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 3-Sep-06
  126. Cpl D. Braun, 2PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 22-Aug-06
  127. Cpl A.J. Eykelenboom, 1 Fd Amb, ISAF Afghanistan, 11-Aug-06
  128. MCpl J.S. Walsh, 2PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 9-Aug-06
  129. MCpl R. Arndt, LER (att to 1PPCLI), ISAF Afghanistan, 5-Aug-06
  130. Cpl C.J. Reid, PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 3-Aug-06
  131. Sgt V. Ingram, PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 3-Aug-06
  132. Cpl B.J. Keller, PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 3-Aug-06
  133. Pte K. Dallaire, PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 3-Aug-06
  134. Maj P. Hess-von Kruedener, CD, PPCLI, UNMO, UNTSO/Lebanon, 25-Jul-06
  135. Cpl F. Gomez, CD, 1PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 22-Jul-06
  136. Cpl J.P. Warren, Royal Highland Regt of Canada (Black Watch) (att to 1PPCLI), ISAF Afghanistan, 22-Jul-06
  137. Cpl A.N. Boneca, Lake Superior Scottish Regt (att to 1PPCLI), ISAF Afghanistan, 9-Jul-06
  138. Capt N.K.S. Goddard, 1 RCHA (att to 1PPCLI), ISAF Afghanistan, 17-May-06
  139. Lt W.M. Turner, 1 PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 22-Apr-06
  140. Bdr M.S.J. Mansell, 5th (BC) Fd Regt (att to 1PPCLI), ISAF Afghanistan, 22-Apr-06
  141. Cpl M.D.J. Dinning, 2 CMB HQ & SIG SQN (att to 1PPCLI), ISAF Afghanistan, 22-Apr-06
  142. Cpl R.J. Payne, 1 PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 22-Apr-06
  143. Pte R.H. Costall, 1 PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 29-Mar-06
  144. MCpl T.J. Wilson, 2 PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 4-Mar-06
  145. Cpl P.J. Davis, 2 PPCLI, ISAF Afghanistan, 2-Mar-06
  146. Pte B.S. Woodfield, 2 RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 24-Nov-05
  147. PO2 J.S. Morissette, SFOR, 13-Dec-04
  148. Pte A.D. Johnson, 1 RCR (att to RCD Battle Gp), SFOR, 29-Jan-04
  149. Cpl J.B. Murphy, 3 RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 26-Jan-04
  150. Sgt R.A. Short, 3 RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 2-Oct-03
  151. Cpl R.C. Beerenfenger, 3 RCR, ISAF Afghanistan, 2-Oct-03
  152. Cpl J.D. Vermeulen, 2 PPCLI, SFOR, 6-Jul-03
  153. Sgt M. Léger, 3 PPCLI, Afghanistan (att to US Army Brigade), 17-Apr-02
  154. Cpl A. Dyer, 3 PPCLI, Afghanistan (att to US Army Brigade), 17-Apr-02
  155. Pte R. Green, 3 PPCLI, Afghanistan (att to US Army Brigade), 17-Apr-02
  156. Pte N. Smith, 3 PPCLI, Afghanistan (att to US Army Brigade), 17-Apr-02
  157. Bdr G.K. Bailey, CD, 1 RCHA, SFOR, 27-Oct-00
  158. WO J.M. Peace, 403 (Hel) OT Sqn, UNPROFOR, 6-Oct-00
  159. Cpl R. T. Pollard, 2 PPCLI (att fm 426 Sqn), SFOR, 28-Sep-00
  160. Sgt V. Joubert, 1 R22eR, SFOR, 13-Dec-99
  161. Sgt H. J. Squires, 1 PPCLI, KFOR, 25-Aug-99
  162. Spr G. Desmarais, 2 CER, SFOR, 25-Sep-98
  163. Cpl J. Ogilvie, RCD, SFOR, 30-Aug-98
  164. MCpl T.S. McCrea, 1 RCR, SFOR, 25-Mar-98
  165. Cpl R.D. Vialette, 1 RCHA, SFOR, 21-Jul-97
  166. Pte J.L.M.B. Doucet, 3 R22eR, UNMIH, 12-Jul-97
  167. Spr C. Holopina, 2 CER, IFOR, 4-Jul-96
  168. Cpl J.F.Y. Rousseau, 12 RBC, UNPROFOR, 25-Sep-95
  169. Cpl S.F. Smith, CAR, UNAMIR, 25-Dec-94
  170. MCpl M.R. Isfeld, 1 CER, UNPROFOR, 21-Jun-94
  171. Pte K.D. Cooper, 3 PPCLI, UNPROFOR, 6-Jun-94
  172. MCpl S.L.P. Langevin, 12 RBC, UNPROFOR, 28-Nov-93
  173. Cpl(R) D. Galvin, Sherbrooke Hussars (att to 12 RBC), UNPROFOR,
  174. Capt J.P. Decoste, CD, 2 PPCLI, UNPROFOR, 18-Sep-93
  175. Sgt J.D.A. Gareau, CD, Cdn Contingent Support Unit, UNPROFOR, 17-Aug-93
  176. Cpl J.M.H. Béchard, 2 PPCLI, UNPROFOR, 6-Aug-93
  177. Cpl D. Gunther, 2 R22ER, UNPROFOR, 18-Jun-93
  178. Cpl G.J. Larose, Cdn Logistics Coy, UNDOF, 8-May-93
  179. Cpl M.D. Abel, CAR, UNITAF, 3-May-93
  180. Sgt D.L. Kloss, 2 RCHA, UNFICYP, 8-Apr-93
  181. MCpl J.W. Ternapolski, 2 RCR, UNPROFOR, 25-Mar-93
  182. Sgt C.M. Ralph, 1 CER, UNPROFOR, 17-Aug-92
  183. Pte W.C. Symons, 2 RCR, UNTAC, 12-Jul-92
  184. Pte T.J. Trottier, 3 PPCLI, UNFICYP, 25-Apr-88
  185. MCpl M. MacRae, CAR HQ & Sigs Sqn, UNFICYP, 6-Dec-86
  186. Cpl J.P.R. Hudon, Cdn Logistics Coy, UNDOF, 26-Dec-85
  187. Pte M.D. Wilson, 2 PPCLI, UNFICYP, 22-Jan-83
  188. Pte A.J. Prins, 2 PPCLI, UNFICYP, 26-Sep-82
  189. Pte J.E.R Archambault, 2 R22eR, UNFICYP, 30-Nov-81
  190. Pte P.K. Porter, Cdn Sigs Tp, UNDOF, 6-Nov-80
  191. MCpl J.D.G. McInnis, 1 PPCLI, UNFICYP, 30-Mar-80
  192. Pte C.A. Dodge, 73 Cdn Sigs Sqn, UNEF II, 2-Jul-79
  193. Cpl D.C. Ross, Cdn Logistics Coy, UNDOF, 3-Mar-78
  194. Sgt J.F.B. Demers, 73 Cdn Service Bn, UNEF II, 5-Dec-77
  195. Sgt L.W. Daily, Cdn Contingent CE Section, UNEF II, 10-Nov-77
  196. Sgt(R) J.R.A. Dupont, 8 Med Coy - Att to 12 RBC, UNFICYP, 24-Apr-77
  197. Pte D.R. Krieger, 2 PPCLI, UNFICYP, 17-Aug-76
  198. Capt K.C. Crawford, 3 PPCLI, UNFICYP, 20-Dec-75
  199. Pte T.E. Abbott, 73 Cdn Sigs Sqn, UNEF II, 14-Jun-75
  200. Pte S.J. Kohlman, 1 RCR, UNFICYP, 11-Apr-75
  201. Capt I.E. Patten, 1 RCR, UNFICYP, 1-Apr-75
  202. Cpl J.P.C. Blais, 73 Cdn Sigs Sqn, UNEF II, 24-Dec-74
  203. Cpl N. Edwards, 73 Cdn Service Bn, UNEF II, 24-Dec-74
  204. Cpl R.W. Miller, 73 Cdn Service Bn, UNEF II, 24-Dec-74
  205. Pte J.J.C. Berger, CAR, UNFICYP, 10-Sep-74
  206. Capt G.G. Foster, 116 ATU, UNEF II, 9-Aug-74
  207. Cpl M.H.T. Kennington, CD, Cdn Contingent Admin Unit, UNEF II, 9-Aug-74
  208. A/MWO C.B. Korejwo, CD, 1 RCR, UNEF II, 9-Aug-74
  209. MWO G. Landry, CD, 3 R22eR, UNEF II, 9-Aug-74
  210. Capt K.B. Mirau, 116 ATU, UNEF II, 9-Aug-74
  211. Cpl M.W. Simpson, 116 ATU, UNEF II, 9-Aug-74
  212. MCpl R.C. Spencer, CD, 116 ATU, UNEF II, 9-Aug-74
  213. Cpl B.K. Stringer, 116 ATU, UNEF II, 9-Aug-74
  214. Capt R.B. Wicks, CD, 116 ATU, UNEF II, 9-Aug-74
  215. Pte J.L.G. Perron, CAR, UNFICYP, 6-Aug-74
  216. Cpl A. Roach, CD, 2 RCR, UNFICYP, 17-Feb-74
  217. Capt C.E. Laviolette, CD, 12 RBC, ICCS, 7-Apr-73
  218. LS W.M. Memnook, HMCS Terra Nova, ICCS, 15-Mar-73
  219. MCpl J.R.M.J. Lessard, 2PPCLI, UNFICYP, 1-Dec-72
  220. Cpl P.C. Isenor, RCASC, UNFICYP, 25-Oct-70
  221. Pte T.J. Hall, CD, 1 RCR, UNFICYP, 31-Jul-70
  222. Pte J.A. Lerue, 2 RHC, UNFICYP, 9-Feb-70
  223. Cpl K.A. Salmon, C Pro C, UNFICYP, 24-Sep-67
  224. Cpl O.J. Redmond, 1 RCR, UNFICYP, 10-Mar-67
  225. Pte E.J. Fickling, RCASC, UNEF I, 17-Oct-66
  226. Tpr L.W. Nass, RCAC, UNFICYP, 27-Sep-66
  227. Sig P.M. Crouse, RC Sigs, UNEF I, 19-Aug-66
  228. Spr J. Lorienz, RCE, UNEF I, 12-Jul-66
  229. Pte J.P.E. Bernard, 2 RHC, UNFICYP, 9-Jul-66
  230. F/O J.M.L.P. Picard, RCAF, UNEF I, 30-Apr-66
  231. F/O R.V. Edwards, RCAF, UNEF I, 28-Apr-66
  232. Pte D.A.J. Lamothe, RCASC, UNEF I, 16-Mar-66
  233. Gdn J.J.P. Chartier, 2 Cdn Gds, UNFICYP, 14-Mar-66
  234. Sgt J.S. Byrne, CD, RCASC, ICSC, 18-Oct-65
  235. Cpl V.J. Perkin, RHC, ICSC, 18-Oct-65
  236. Rfn P.J. Hoare, 1 QOR of C, UNFICYP, 14-Aug-65
  237. Lt K.E. Edmonds, CD, C Int C, UNFICYP, 25-Dec-64
  238. Tpr A.A. Bons, RCAC, UNEF I, 27-Nov-64
  239. Cpl P.R. Wallace, RCAC, UNEF I, 27-Nov-64
  240. Tpr J.H. Campbell, RCAC, UNFICYP, 31-Jul-64
  241. Pte L.R. Morin, CPC, UNEF I, 29-May-64
  242. Sgt J.K. Hermann, RCAF, UNEF I, 26-Dec-63
  243. W/C E.D. Harper, DFC, CD, RCAF, UNEF I, 2-Nov-63
  244. Cpl E.G. Groom, RCOC, UNEF I, 2-Oct-63
  245. Spr G.G. Thompson, RCE, UNEF I, 18-May-62
  246. S/Sgt J.P. Marquis, CD, RCOC, ONUC, 6-Feb-62
  247. Cpl E. Olivier, RC Sigs, UNEF I, 9-Dec-61
  248. Cpl J.M. Albert, RCEME, UNEF I, 19-Nov-61
  249. Cfn D.S. Roster, RCEME, UNEF I, 19-Nov-61
  250. Sgt R.H. Moore, CD, RC Sigs, ONUC, 6-Oct-61
  251. Tpr R.J. Wiley, RCAC, UNEF I, 7-Sep-61
  252. Cpl G.A. Gauthier, RCASC, UNEF I, 20-Feb-60
  253. Pte A.T. Hurst, RCASC, UNEF I, 4-Feb-60
  254. Tpr R.H. Allan, RCAC, UNEF I, 28-Nov-59
  255. Maj H. Morewood, CD, RCOC, UNEF I, 26-Jul-59
  256. Cpl G.S. Porter, C Pro C, UNEF I, 23-Apr-59
  257. Cpl J.T. Roberts, RCASC, UNEF I, 10-Jun-58
  258. LCol G.A. Flint, CD, PPCLI, UNTSO, 26-May-58
  259. Pte I.A. Sawyer, RCASC, UNEF I, 22-Apr-58
  260. Sig N.E. Mason, RC Sigs, UNEF I, 15-Mar-58
  261. Tpr R.E. McDavid, RCAC, UNEF I, 29-Nov-57
  262. Sgt I.L. Stark, RCE, UNEF I, 27-Sep-57
  263. Pte B.O. Adams, RCASC, UNEF I, 20-Sep-57
  264. Cpl K.E. Pennell, RC Sigs, UNEF I, 15-Sep-57
  265. Lt C.C. Van Straubenzee, RCAC, UNEF I, 10-May-57
  266. Spr R.H. Vézina, RCE, UNEF I, 9-Mar-57
  267. A/BGen H.H. Angle, DSO, ED, RCAC, UNMOGIP, 17-Jul-50

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