Memoriam to a UN Soldier

Submitted by: Petty Officer First Class, Mike B Palka, MMM, CD
(Written while serving in the former Yugoslavia in 1993.)

Being a UN Soldier really means a lot to me,
Be proud and stand for peace in some far off land.
My family and friends I dearly miss you see,
For hurried I left, tears were shed, I hope they understand.
Challenges await us when we arrive,
Unaccustomed to traditions, we do the best we can.
Each day we are reminded, it's for peace that we strive,
There's a war going on and a UN Soldier is what I am.
Frustrated and worried, I go about my daily task,
Mine fields, mortars and snipers are around so stay clear.
Innocent people die each day and it's why I ask,
But a UN Soldier I am and I must stay here.
In a flash so sudden, time to go, it's my time,
Heaven awaits me, I'm sorry, I couldn't say goodbye.
Regrets I have none, but to die so young, it's a crime
A UN Soldier I am, I love you, please don't cry.
Countries in turmoil, war is hell and people die,
The United Nations do their damnest to make it cease.
One day the world will rejoice and we'll all know why,
For once there was a UN Soldier there who stood for Peace.
Dedicated to all UN Soldiers killed in "The Service of Peace"
and to their loved ones left behind.