This poem was written by Ronda Spencer-Lee, in 1987 when she was in school, in memory of her father, MCpl. Ronald C. Spencer, who was killed while on duty with Canadian Peacekeeping Forces, stationed in Cairo, Egypt. Ronda was only 4 years old at the time her father died. He served with the 116 ATU, UNEF II.

MCpl Spencer was killed on August 9, 1974, when the Buffalo aircraft he was flying in, was shot down, while on a routine flight from Beirut, Lebanon, to Damascus, Syria. All aboard were killed.


You said you loved me.
You said you would never leave me.
I was your little kitten, that you cherished
and would protect from harm.
Where are you now?
I understand now
that it was not your fault.
It was your duty to leave,
it was your job to leave,
to help make peace.
But it was your job that got you killed.
At first I blamed you
for leaving me alone.
I did not think you cared,
I thought I did something wrong,
that would make you leave.
But now that I have grown
I know why;
because you loved me.
How can anyone kill another human being?
That I will never understand.
When that man took you away forever,
he took a part of me too.
I know I am not alone anymore,
you will always be with me,
for I am your little Kitten,
and I am part of you.
For as long as I live,
you will never die in my heart.

~ Ronda Spencer