Lifes’ Journey

Life is a journey that we have all embarked upon.

My life has taken me all over this great world of ours.

My journey has taught me many things, and has made me into the person that I am today.

Many people have crossed my path as I have travelled along this journey. Each has taught me something of lifes’ lessons and, hopefully, in turn I have taught them some of life as well.

I have witnessed both beauty and tragedy along my journey and this has helped to shape my outlook on life.

I have triumphed over adversity on this journey and it has strengthened me.

I have lived and loved along this journey sharing my soul and my heart with others. My companions have been both kind and sometimes cruel, but have not embittered me to future Love.

My heart has been opened by the kindness of others, as I have embarked on this journey.

I continue to seek traveling companions, along the way, that have beauty within as well as a presence of outward beauty to enhance the passion within.

So if you wish you might travel awhile with me on my journey, let us share, and learn of each other.

And if we should part paths along this journey, then let it be as friends. Parting with the knowledge of a journey shared to warm each other’s hearts lest our parting be bitter. Let it not be bitter though, as bitterness is oft times a fools driving life blood.

Therefore, I leave you now to ponder your paths upon your journey and ask you to consider joining me here, even for a short time, on mine.