The Love & Joy of My Life... Kaylee

What A delight this wonderful girl is to me...
She does not live with me but she is important to me in my life...
She is twenty one years old, very happily married to a wonderful young man and her name is Kaylee... I wrote her a poem while away with work and it reflects somewhat my feelings for this precious child.  No longer a child but grown into a wonderful young women but the sentiments will always remain the same.

A Poem to My Daughter

Oh sweet child,
How I love you so...

You have a spot in my heart that
the whole universe could scarcely fill.

You are a part of me in the gentlest way.

I love you now and will love you always.

Distance and time separate us, but my heart
flies with my thoughts to be at your side.

I want to tuck you in and kiss you at your bedside.

I want to know the names of the monsters under your bed
and chase them away from you into the night.

I want to do all a Daddy should do.

Most of all I want you to know that I love you,

And I want to be with you even when I cannot.

Love always and forever,